Mosquito Magnet "Patriot Plus" Mosquito Trap #7230105

The Mosquito Magnet® Patriot Plus trap protects up to one full acre of land!

Sorry - this product is no longer available


The Mosquito Magnet® Patriot Plus is easy to use—just plug it in, push the button, relax and enjoy your yard! With over 15 patents and 2 decades of research, the technology contained in the Patriot is proven effective at breaking mosquito breeding cycles. A 50-foot 12-volt power cord, supplied with the Patriot Plus, allows placement away from the family area yet near the mosquitoes' breeding and resting areas. Lawn clips are provided to help secure your power cord. Through proper placement upwind, the biting insects will be drawn to the trap; thereby reducing the chances of you becoming their target. The heavy-duty plastics and marine grade materials make it ideal for any harsh environments.

Product Details:

  • Attracts and captures mosquitoes and other biting insects
  • Operates on a 50' power cord
  • Covers 1 acre - perfect for backyards and other large outside area
  • Dimensions: 19 x 17 x 16
  • Weight: 30.00