Mosquito Trap FAQ's

As the Midwest region’s most experienced National Level Mosquito Magnet® repair center, your complete satisfaction is primary goal. We have the expertise, tools and parts to quickly and efficiently repair your Defender, Liberty, Liberty Plus, Patriot, Independence or Executive trap. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer service for the Freedom, Commercial Pro or Solar Pro models.

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we’re asked. If yours is not answered, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Q: “How much will it cost to repair my Mosquito Magnet®?”

A: Substantially less than buying a new one! We believe a customer that is treated fairly will become a repeat customer. If you want an actual estimate before your repair begins, we charge a $35 fee. This will enable us to disassemble, inspect and diagnose the problem. If after determining the repair cost you’d like us to proceed, we will credit the full $35 fee towards your repair cost. If you’d prefer we not complete the repair, your unit may be picked up (disassembled) and there is will be no further charge.

Our labor rate is $69 per hour with a one hour minimum charge. Most repairs take us no more than an hour to complete. Of course, parts are extra. Typical total charges for a Defender and Patriot range from $99 - $169, for a Liberty from $99 - $199 and for a Liberty Plus, Independence and Executive from $139 - $300. Back to top

Q: “Why won’t you repair my Freedom, Commercial Pro or Solar Pro model trap?”

A: As much as we’d like to, the manufacturer no longer supports or offers parts for these older models. It’s too bad since several members of our staff are also owners of inoperative Commercial Pros! Back to top

Q: “Can you do warranty work on my Mosquito Magnet® that is less than one year old?”

A: Yes. As a National level servicing dealer, we are prepared to quickly perform any warranty work that has been authorized by the Woodstream. You must first call the Mosquito Magnet® customer service number at 800-953-5737 to obtain a return authorization number. Unfortunately, we are unable to perform any warranty repairs without prior approval. Back to top

Q: “How long will the repair take?”

A: Our “turn around time” is entirely dependant on our work load. During slow times of the year, it could be less than a day. During the first few weeks of Mosquito season, it will clearly take longer. Our goal is to have all units repaired within one week and preauthorized warranty repairs within 3 days upon receipt of unit. Back to top

Q: “I’m traveling from quite a distance to drop off my unit. Would you fix it while I wait?”

A: Under most circumstances, no. Even in the unlikely event we are not busy assisting our regular retail customers, we still prefer not to rush a repair. Once completed, we typically conduct a minimum of a one hour up to a 24 hour run test to ensure proper operation. We take this extra step to ensure your complete satisfaction. We however sometimes have refurbished units available for exchange (call for more information).
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Q: “Should I bring in the entire Mosquito Magnet®?”

A: No. Please don’t. With as many traps as we repair, we simply do not have the room to store complete units. All we need is the head, cord or charger and battery if it uses one. Please leave the stand at home. Back to top

Q: “What if my cord is buried?”

A: If you don’t include it, we are unable to inspect and test it. Unfortunately, we have found many instances where a Defender, Liberty or Patriot works perfectly in our shop but once returned will not run. Almost without fail, upon inspection, the cord is found to be damaged or faulty. Back to top

Q: “Do you offer a warranty on your work?”

A: Our extensive experience allows us to offer an exclusive one year warranty on all parts and labor to install them. In the unlikely event the exact same problem reoccurs, we will correct it at no charge except for transportation. Of course, if a different problem arises within a year, our regular rates will apply. Back to top

Q: “What will it cost to have you ship my repaired Mosquito Magnet® back to me?”

A: Within the 48 contiguous United States, we charge a flat $20 fee to return a Defender, Patriot or Liberty and $25 for a Liberty Plus, Independence or Executive. We are very particular about the quality of our packaging. Your repaired unit will be placed in a plastic bag, put into a heavy corrugated box and packed tightly with high quality packing peanuts. We don’t want any of our repaired units to arrive broken! Back to top

Q: “Can I purchase repair parts from you?”

A: We are happy to sell any parts listed on our site. Contractual agreements with Woodstream prohibit us (and any other authorized Mosquito Magnet® service center) from selling internal repair parts. It doesn’t matter that you’re pretty handy and fixed a bicycle once. It wouldn't even matter if you or your friend is an electrical engineer. It’s not that we don’t want to. It’s just that to risk losing our platinum service designation isn’t worth the few bucks we’d make by selling parts in violation of our contract. Sorry. Back to top

Q: “I paid a lot of money for my trap. Shouldn’t it last longer than ___ (fill in the blank)?”

A: As far as we’re concerned, every product ever manufactured should last forever with absolutely no ongoing maintenance required. Unfortunately, a Mosquito Magnet®, just like your car, your lawnmower or any other motorized equipment will eventually require service. We’ve heard of traps running flawlessly for over 5 years and others that require attention before the original one year warranty expires (if that happens to you, please call Woodstream at 800-953-5737 and get authorization to have us fix it fast and free). Remember, unlike most gas powered appliances, your Mosquito Magnet® is designed to run 24 hours a day. There are a few things you can do to help prevent early failures. The combustion within your Mosquito Magnet® produces moisture. Ensure your unit is level or even tilted slightly forward to allow water to escape. Use a Quick Clear Cartridge at least every other time you start the trap. Keep the inside of your trap, its side vents and plume tube free from spider webs, leaves, insects and other debris. Do not place your unit over the direct stream of lawn sprinklers. During winter months, protect your Mosquito Magnet® from the elements, preferably by storing it inside. Back to top

Q: “My trap does not seem to catch as many mosquitoes as it originally did. What’s wrong?”

A: By design, the longer you use a Mosquito Magnet®, the fewer breeding females will be left to produce offspring. Make sure you use a fresh Octenol or Lurex3 attractant every 21 days (don’t forget to peel off the protective film). If however, you are finding a reduced catch AND are being bothered by mosquitoes, you may want to check your trap’s placement. If that still does not improve the performance, let us check your unit for increased carbon monoxide (not to be confused with carbon dioxide) output levels which we can correct. Back to top

Q: “What happened to American Biophysics?”

A: American Biophysics, the inventor and original producer of Mosquito Magnet® was forced to file bankruptcy in 2006. Their assets were sold at auction in early 2007 to the Woodstream Company. Woodstream is a well respected US company known for such brands as Victor® mousetraps, Havahart® live traps, Fi-Shock™ electric fencers and now Mosquito Magnet® too! Since acquiring the brand, in our opinion, the customer service level has improved dramatically. Back to top